Monday, 23 June 2014

Stop this injustice to the members of Campa Cola society

My heart goes out to the poor victims in the Campa Cola society scam!! Is it fair that they should loose their lives, homes, lifetimes savings & identity, when the real perpetuators of this heinous crime - the builders and developers of this society are not even named or nailed??? The BMC has shamelessly collected taxes for all these 'illegal flats' for over 30 years and today, they think it fair to demolish it because some supreme court judge decided so. Haven't thousands of slums been regularised? Why?? Are poor people who forcefully occupy somebody else's land right and these Campa cola residents who paid all the stamp duties, registrations & taxes for decades wrong? Why? is the Middle income group ( MIG) person lesser than a poor person? Or it is Vote bank politics again? Is there a greater conspiracy of 'floating FSI' behind this feverishness to demolish Campa Cola society, in the guise of some 'legal justifications' .. I really pray that better sense & justice prevail finally and their torture ends..

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